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Valentine's day myths

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Since we're in the romantic month of the year and St.Valentine's day is coming soon, I've decided to lookup for some urban legends about this beautiful holiday. Here's a bunch of myths I've found about Valentine's day and dating :

It's okay to skip Valentine's Day
She/He might realize that it's a hyped-up holiday, but that won't get you off the hook completely. She/He will see her/his friends going on dates and wonder why you aren't doing something special.

What can you do instead?
You can keep V-Day low key and celebrate it in your own way. Plan an activity that you both enjoy and declare it your own celebration -- like ice skating, tobogganing or hiking. Any activity that you do together will cut it and will show her that you gave the day some thought.

You have to celebrate on February 14th
No one says you have to celebrate on the same day as everyone else -- that's so conventional.

What to do instead?
Pick another day in the week to plan your date and declare that day your own personal V-Day. Places will be less crowded and you won't be made to feel like another sheep in the crowd. She won't care when you celebrate as long as she sees you've put some thought into it. She may even appreciate mixing it up.

You're saving money for a vacation together, so it's okay to miss Valentine's Day
Even though she agreed to save money too, this is a perfect opportunity to win brownie points with her.

What to do instead?
Don't plan an expensive date, but do surprise her with an inexpensive (but thoughtful) activity. Plan to meet her for lunch and pack her favorite food in a picnic basket. She'll be impressed that you stuck to a budget while still making her feel special.

You've only been dating for a few months, so you won't celebrate
While you might not want to do anything overly romantic with a new girlfriend, that doesn't mean you have to ignore it. If you don't acknowledge V-Day at all, she might wonder if you are really interested in her.

What to do instead?
Don't plan anything romantic. Instead, think of a fun activity. Try planning a dance class or a cooking class to mix things up. Or take her to see a comedy show -- anything to get the two of you laughing together.

Dinner is a Valentine's Day staple
Dinner is an adequate V-Day plan, and I suppose you can't go wrong with it. But truth be told, it's a little unoriginal.

What to do instead?
Mix things up a bit. With as much effort as it takes to make dinner reservations, you can plan a date that is seeping with originality. Try a couple's massage, jump into a hot tub (anything in a Jacuzzi is sexy), look for an old-fashioned roller-skating rink in your city, or try an artsy date by buying the materials to do a painting together (finger-painting is very sensual).

Chocolates or flowers are good Valentine's Day gifts
Just like going for dinner, chocolate and flowers are not the wrong thing to do -- they're just overly conventional.

What to do instead ?
Originality is worth a lot on V-Day, especially when all her friends will be getting the usual flowers and chocolates. Stand out by getting her something out of the ordinary. Does she like to travel? Get her a subscription to a travel magazine. Does she like music? Get her concert tickets (and go together, of course).

You need to spend loads of money on her gift

It's the thought that really counts the most when it comes to V-Day.

What to do instead?
Try getting her a small gift with a lot of meaning. If you are just starting to get serious, for example, buy her a pair of slippers or a robe to keep in your apartment.

Don't expect a gift in return
While V-Day is usually marketed as "her" holiday, there's no rule stating she can't surprise you with a little something. So, chances are very good that you'll get your box of candy.

What to do instead?
If the whole guessing game about whether you're getting a gift or not is bugging you, approach the subject of a "no gift" idea with her and make plans together for a romantic weekend getaway or a perfect night out instead.

The gift has to be cheesy or romantic
Just the opposite, actually. There is no rule that says you have to write her poetry or sing her a song on V-Day.

What to do instead?
If you're not comfortable with the cheesiness, forget it. Just stick to getting her a fun gift. Try buying a good board game -- then go home and play it together.

Lingerie makes a good Valentine's Day gift
Actually, this myth is not entirely false. Lingerie can be a nice part of a gift for a self-assured woman, bearing in mind that you need to know her size and style preferences. But usually, she'll like that to be part of a sexy gift, not all of it.

What to do instead?
For a really sexy gift, try a book of massage techniques that you can learn together or -- if you are good and ready for it -- a copy of the Kama Sutra.

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Anonymous said...

Nice ideas! Thank you! I had also some ideas about Valentine's Day history and St Valentine's Gifts:) I hope you can find them useful:)

sandy223 said...

The traditional day on which lovers in certain cultures let each other know about their love, commonly by sending Valentine's cards, which are often anonymous.Valentine greetings have been popular since the Middle Ages, a time when prospective lovers said or sang their romantic verses.
Sandy Romeo


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