Friday, February 9, 2007

7 wacky cancer myths

For years people have been talking about the causes, prevention and cure of cancer therefore "developing" new myths. Many are false, even stupid or ridiculous I might add, but some of them are really true.
My advice is don't believe everything you hear right from the start. Check it out first and you decide if the rumor or myth or whatever you've heard is or not pure fiction.
The following myths are kinda funny and ridiculous so ... enjoy :)

1) Myth: There is a Cure for Cancer, but Drug Companies Wouldn't Make Money.

Truth: If this was true, how come the family members of these drug company employees are still suffering from cancer? The likelihood of there being a general cure for all cancers is not realistic because they are caused by different factors. It is estimated that almost 30% of Americans believe this myth.

2) Myth: Wearing Deodorant Can Cause Breast Cancer.

Truth:There is so significant data that shows that wearing deodorant causes cancer, yet people are still buying into it. The suggestion is that a chemical is absorbed through the skin through a shaving nick or cut, and causes breast cancer. Again, there has been no significant study to support this claim.

3) Myth: Men Don't Get Breast Cancer.

Truth: Just ask Richard Rountree, the star of Shaft if men get breast cancer. Male breast cancer may be less common than breast cancer in females, but it does happen.

4) Myth: Piercing Your Nipples May Causes Breast Cancer in Men and Women

Truth: An injury to the breast or nipple cannot lead to cancer development. The only real medical risk factor for piercing the nipple is infection.

5) Myth: Fellatio Greatly Reduces a Woman's Risk Factor for Breast Cancer

Truth: An email circulated with a link to what appeared to be a bonafide CNN news story claiming that a study found that women who performed fellatio reduced their risk of breast cancer.
The truth is that there is no evidence that performing fellatio will reduce your risk of cancer.

6) Myth: Designer Lipsticks Contain Lead that Cause Cancer.

Truth: The FDA regulates all cosmetics manufacturing. It is logical to think that if a lipstick contained an ingredient that is sure to cause cancer, it would be pulled from the shelves immediately. This email hoax is still popping up in inboxes and striking fear in women. It is a hoax and there is no brand of lipstick that can cause cancer.

7) Myth: Forwarding Emails to Friends Will Donate Money to Cancer Charities.

Truth: Aol, The American Cancer Society, or any other major corporation does not rely on the use of email forwarding to make charitable contributions. The email sent usually contains the story of a child with cancer, perhaps with a photo, claiming that for every person your forward the email to the child will receive $.03 for treatment costs. Don't waste your time forwarding, folks. This is a cancer hoax and myth.

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the fact that a cancer causing ingredient will be removed from the shelves. The most popular example are cigareetes.

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Definitely a great article.
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Anonymous said...

This is rubbish...there is lead is ladies cosmetics.., there is evidence showing alimunuim from deodarant are connected to breast cancer..and cancer cures have been supressed.You need to research mate..

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