Monday, December 11, 2006

Steve Irwin statue

Steve Irwin Crocodile-HunterThis is a copy of an e-mail petition claiming that "they" need 1000 signatures to build a 1:1 size statue of Steve Irwin, as a tribute to the one and only "Crocodile Hunter", and if you don't agree signing it, well ...then you are a jerk.
This is a petition to get a life size statue of steve irwin to be built in australia zoo with no charge 2 the Irwin family all we need is 1000 signatures if you dont sign you are disrespectfull to an aussie hero so please sign. When you are the 1000th signinture please send it back to:
[Email address removed]
[List of names removed]

or false ?

If this were actually true, I'm sure that it would cause a media event with officials announcing this petition. So ... this petition is fake !

(foto of a 12 feet long alligator captured by Steve Irwin)

Let's just let him rest in peace !

Later edit: I found the same thing on but with 1000 diggs instead of signatures. :)

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