Monday, December 4, 2006

The Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike cigarettes
" Lucky Strike cigarettes changed from a green package to a white one during the 1940s in order to aid the war effort. "

True or false?

The center of the 'bullseye' logo on Lucky Strike cigarettes is red now, but it wasn't always so. Although the general look of the packaging hasn't changed, the center dot used to be green. Why was it changed to red you ask? Well from what I hear it was changed during WWII. You see, just like many other things, paint was being used for the war effort, green being at a premium to paint tanks, for soldiers uniforms, and practically everything else. So Lucky Strike changed the color from green to red because green was in such short supply, and it remains that way to this day.


Bernard I. Fowler said...

There are a lot of myths around Lucky Strike :) Yeah, the brand is popular and Lucky Strike cigarettes are excellent.

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