Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas superstitions

christmas myths

I've made a list with some Christmas myths/superstitions from around the world. Enjoy!
  • "To have good health throughout the next year, eat an apple on Christmas Eve.
  • "Eat plum pudding on Christmas and avoid losing a friend before next Christmas."
  • "On Chrismas Eve all animals can speak. However, it is bad luck to test this superstition."
  • "The child born on Christmas Day will have a special fortune."
  • "Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day will bring bad luck."
  • In Ireland it is believed the gates of Heaven open at midnight on Christmas Eve. Those who die then go straight to Heaven.
  • If you refuse a mince pie at Christmas dinner, you will have bad luck for the coming day.
  • If you eat a raw egg before eating anything else on Christmas morning, you will be able to carry heavy weights.
  • "Snow on Christmas means Easter will be green."
  • "Good luck will come to the home where a fire is kept burning throughout the Christmas season.
  • "Place shoes by side on Christmas Eve to prevent a quarreling family."
  • "A clear star-filled sky on Christmas Eve will bring good crops in the summer."
  • "A blowing wind on Christmas Day brings good luck."
  • In Greece, some people burn their old shoes during the Christmas season to prevent misfortunes in the coming year.
  • In the Swedish countryside, from cock crow to daybreak on Christmas morning the trolls (wicked elves) roam about.
  • In Devonshire, England, a girl raps at the henhouse door on Christmas Eve. If a rooster crows, she will marry within the year.
  • You will have as many happy months in the coming year, as the number of houses you eat mince pies in during Christmas time.
  • "Shout 'Christmas Gift' to the first person knocking on your door on Christmas Day and expect to receive a gift from the visitor.

Mythdigger's advice : Being superstitious only spoils the fun so don't you forget this ... having fun is number one !

Merry Christmas everyone !

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